“One of the more resilient and steady bands in Flagstaff … A solid rootsy-bluegrass outfit that plays some of the best original Americana music.”
–Northern Arizona's Mountain Living Magazine

If In This Fire’s 10 tracks are largely about contrast, the push and pull of life and absorbing what is around you, like the weight of history. It occupies a sense of the Southwestern state of mind – a cultural crossroads or borderlands at the edge of the desert in the mountains.”
Flagstaff Live

The End of VSB's Wine Loft Era 

Dear friends of the VSB,
After nearly nine years and, as far as we can tell, more than 200 shows at Flagstaff’s Wine Loft, we’ll be stepping away from our Tuesday night shows there as of early February. For us, it’s just time change things up a little and focus more on writing, recording and playing out of town here and there.
Over the years, our residency has become interwoven with the very DNA of this band. Our friend and Wine Loft proprietor, Fred Wojtkielewicz, has been one of the VSB’s biggest supporters. On his stage, we’ve been allowed to work out new material, drift into the stratosphere of experimentation, become obnoxiously loud (and obnoxiously quiet), and besmirch the place with a drum kit and an evermore-electrified style. And yes, Fred and the staff have tolerated us causing frequent musical train wrecks as we’ve searched for our sound.
When we began the second-and-fourth Tuesdays at the Wine Loft, we arrived as a scrappy four-piece string band with barely a dozen songs in our repertoire. Over time, we gathered more material, became a tighter band, and tailored a style that combined old-timey elements with newgrass, folk, Americana, and some good old rock ‘n’ roll here and there. Members moved on, new ones came aboard, but we’ve always tried to keep our sights set on what we set out to do: have fun. None of that would have been possible without Fred and the Loft.
As many of you know, the last few years have been packed with change for the VSB: a new lineup, a new sound, and last summer, a new album, If In This Fire. We’re thrilled to be forging fresh ground, but we certainly appreciate the band’s extensive history, which is going on 15 years.
We sure hope you join us at our final regular Wine Loft show on Tuesday, February 10 at 8 o’clock. We’re planning on making it a special night so stay tuned for details. And, please join us in continuing to support one of the finest locally oriented venues in town.
Thank you, as always, for supporting the VSB and local, live music!

PS - The awesome poster above was drawn and designed by the VSB's own Thom Lord. Pretty sweet, huh?
"Without Making a Sound" at the Escalante Outfitters in Escalante, Utah. Video by Patrick Hayes.